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Web Design, Cheltenham, Glocestershire and the UK

Send stylish, professional bulk email newsletters with our email marketing software. Edit your website design easily with our web design and content management solutions. Get your site to the top of Google with guaranteed search engine optimisation.  We also make bespoke web design and software applications just for you.

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mi|emailer - email marketing software which is both powerful and easy to use. Sign up for a pay as you go account today with 200 free credits, or pay monthly with no contracts
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mi|cms - a web design with a content management system providing a fully supported, editable business website with no up-front cost and no contracts, from just £25 per month
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mi|seo - a search engine optimisation service which guarantees Google page 1 results in 3-6 months, or your money back. Get your free website report today
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mi|bespoke - a bespoke web design and software application service where we build just about any website or software application you need or plug one of our applications into your business systems

We're experts in our field and have decades of experience in relevant areas. mi|emailer is the name of our email marketing software - we made this software ourselves and haven’t "white-labelled" someone else’s. Because we built it from the ground-up with you; the end user in mind, it's one of the easiest systems of its kind to use, but also incredibly powerful.

We've just launched this latest version of our in-house website design, which runs on our very own mi|cms content management systems - we hope you like it! If you'd like a website design that's as nice as this one, which you can easily edit yourself, then our mi|cms content management system is ideal for your website design platform.

We also offer search engine optimisation (called mi|seo), and again our staff have over a decade of experience in delivering results in this area. Having brought some very large clients to page one results, they enable us to put a full money-back guarantee behind what we do. We work with search engines and directories including Google, Yahoo and MSN - to put you first.

We're also very proud of our bespoke web design and software solutions (called mi|bespoke)which has made crucial improvements in the efficiency of our client’s businesses, by automating manual tasks and reducing their staffing costs as a result. Our mi|bespoke services cover just about any computer software you need making.

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email marketing software: Our inspirational approach to software design focuses on what the customer needs. You don't want to spend your time having your hand held over the phone being told how to use email marketing software. Our intuitive 1-2-3 interface and office-style editor means you already know how to use it! We have also included guides and videos to help you squeeze every last drop of email marketing juice from your email campaigns.

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content management systems: Our mi|cms website content manager takes all the features and benefits of unsupported open-source content management systems, and strips out unnecessary procedures, making it quicker and easier to edit your website design content than ever before. Plus, with help at hand when you need it; in the form of free telephone support and on-site training available for the most novice users, we make sure your time spent managing content is most effective.

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search engine optimisation: With over a decade of search engine optimisation experience, our Cheltenham SEO staff have been at the forefront of SEO right back when people thought "the end was nigh" in Y2k. Good Google positions need the very best SEO, and we realise just how important this is to your business. That's why don’t make promises we can't keep; providing guaranteed Google results, or your money back.

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bespoke software applications: Our bespoke work covers creative web design, e-commerce sites, translation, custom web and desktop software applications, calculators, games, viral email marketing, PR as part of a much larger corporate umbrella encompassing a creative design and PR company whose resources we can harness for your benefit. Our specialty in this area is more technical; plugging our products into your CRM software, Ticketing Systems, Website Forms, indeed; just about anything.

mi: As a group, we often clean-up at industry award ceremonies year after year, bagging multiple awards for our specialist areas including the revered CIPR awards, claiming such titles as: Best Website for our mi|cms system, Best Agency for our marketing services, Best use of Photography for our creative web design and numerous others.

The depth of our client portfolio is not limited to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and London. It is worldwide, and includes big names from all sectors, from airports to racecourses, to recruitment and the army; names like The Met Office, Maldives Airport Company, Jockey Club Racecourses (owns 14 of the UK's most infamous racecourses), Fastvision web hosting, The Territorial Army, Weymouth College, The Criminal Justice Service, Allcooper alarms, and The Commercial Group. Our clients benefit from creative website desings, that are far from static.

Our leading customer service and growing reputation as a can-do company, reinforced by some glowing testimonials, puts our salespeople in the enviable stance of taking calls from businesses who need our help, rather than chasing leads.

Our Cheltenham and Soho offices welcome you to meet with us and discuss your specific requirements. We just love solving problems for people, so if your business needs our help; we are here to make a difference and add you to the growing list of satisfied customers.

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